Automate Member Recruitment and Retention.


Every application your membership organization needs is available to you on LiveImpact. Say goodbye to using products like email marketing, event ticketing, and member renewal tools.


LiveImpact helps you transform your manual processes to automated tasks so that you spend less time pulling reports, sending email reminders, and following up. Associations are able to increase efficiency and collaboration with our automation tools.


LiveImpact's proprietary data tools allow you to understand member trends like never before. Our reports can define trends, and behaviors to inform you of potential loyalty strategies to retain members.

Membership Managements

Designed by Associations
for Associations.

Mobile Responsive

60% of your members and event attendees will view your website on their phone. We make it easy for anyone to view upcoming events, purchase a ticket, and renew their membership on any screen size.

Data At Your Fingertips

Understand a member’s complete involvement with your association. Keep track of their membership status, when they are up for renewal, and what events they have attended.

Lightning Fast

Tasks like pulling member attrition reports and selling event tickets online can be completed in 15 minutes.You can even mass update your data-set and customize forms quickly.

Association Features

  • Pipeline Management
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Linked Relationship Management
  • Email Autoresponders
  • Integrated with Google
  • Custom Workflow
  • Track Historical Changes
  • Advanced Merge & Import
  • Fine-grain User Access Control
  • Data Quality Metrics
  • Document Management

Payment And Donation Management

  • Automate Member Reminders
  • Coupon Codes
  • One Time & Recurring Payments
  • Sponsor Pledge Tracking
  • Multi-link Payment Tracking
  • Embedable Payment Forms
  • Custom Payment Forms
  • Tracked Email Newsletters
  • Drag & Drop Custom Reports
  • Design Custom Dashboards
  • PDF Invoicing

Modern Design

Your members, sponsors, and attendees will enjoy the ease of using our modern, minimalist interface, and intuitive user experience.

Low Credit Card Fees

LiveImpact doesn't charge processing fees beyond the low 2.2% +.30 that our gateway partner charges for online payments.

Event Seating Tool

Use our intuitive drag and drop seating chart to place attendees at the correct table, see who hasn't paid, and who hasn't been seated yet.

Member Engagement

Member Accounts

Enable automated invoicing and membership expiry notices. Manage account activity and set up recurring payments.

Member Data

Our member database can be accessed on the go, via phone or computer. Quickly see a member’s background, history, and involvement.

Website Builder

Our mobile friendly drag and drop web design tool will empower you to manage your website with your members in mind.

Email Marketing

Automate processes, easy to customize to fit your workflow and monitor progress and outcomes.

Events and Conferences

Ticket Sales

Deploy online ticketing so members can easily register, track, and receive attendance credit.

Attendee Coordination

Use our app to speed up check-in, print name tags, manage invoices, and automate post-event follow up.


Set up your own online store and use our tools to track inventory, automatic payment processing, and product deliveries.

Social Media Integration

Share your expertise with members and prospects where they are – on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Automate Your Workflow


Simplify invoicing and accounting processes by seamlessly integrating member dues, donations, refunds, and event income.

Data Analytics

Utilize our realtime reporting functionality to evaluate trends, increase member retention, and understand growth opportunities.


Payment Management

Manage recurring membership dues for even the most complex membership models and automate credit card processing.

Agile Task List

Create your to-do lists, assign tasks, set-up reminders in Google or Outlook and stay ahead of the curve.