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    Volunteer Management & Engagement

  • Manage Individuals, Groups and Corporate Volunteers
  • Powerful Volunteer Scheduling & Time-tracking apps
  • Simplify Intake and Check-in via mobile phone or a card swiper

We had exceptionally strong support from the LiveImpact team. They helped facilitate our conversation, encouraging us to meet internally to identify our most common uses and prioritize our processes. ”

Carolyn Salcido
Development Director

LiveImpact was referred to us by a colleague, and we were impressed with the demo. The main attraction for us to move to LiveImpact was that all the functionalities we needed i.e. donor management, events, newsletters, email campaigns, and online fundraising were under one umbrella.”

Nhi Chau
Deputy Director of Strategic Development

Your volunteers are among the strongest supporters of your organization’s mission and there is a strong, proven correlation between volunteering and donating. With integrated apps for volunteer management, you can seamlessly recruit, schedule and engage volunteers seasmlessly.

Comprehensive Volunteer Management

LiveImpact can help your organization deliver greater impact with your volunteer programs and a better volunteer experience. With a single volunteer management software for nonprofts you get smart apps to track volunteer hours, online volunteer scheduling, smart intake forms, a robust CRM, integrated communications and so much more.


Volunteer Portal

Allow volunteers to self sign-up for orientations, shifts register for open events, submit required forms, and update their profile information.


Send automatic calendar invites or email reminders. Send targeted emails or SMS based on volunteer tags, or other criteria.

Volunteer Sign-up

Recruit volunteers by using integrated intake forms embeddable on your website or social media or search your database to find qualified volunteers.

Volunteer Orientation

Volunteers can sign-up online by submitting an application to provide contact information, upload certifications, volunteer interests, availability, work restrictions, etc.

Volunteer Scheduling

Know in advance who is volunteering when and where, and which shifts require more volunteers. Publish shift calendar. Easily make schedule changes.

Group Tracking

Easily manage scheduling and hours for groups. Based on the # of volunteers, the system calculates the total hours for each group.

Reporting & Analytics

Generate reports quickly by selecting one of the canned reports. Understand volunteering reports and keep track of volunteers and their activities.

Custom Workflow

Automate repeate tasks and internal processes by designing custom workflows, including sending emails based on custom triggers.

Volunteer Conversion

Facilitate volunteer conversion to donors, and easily track volunteers who donate.

Time Tracker

Enables tracking of volunteer hours and reporting of metrics to help gauge effectiveness.

Corporate Matching

Maximize corporate matching by tracking and reporting employee volunteer hours.

Complete Volunteer Management Solution

LiveImpact Volunteer Management System is a cloud-based platform developed to manage and communicate with your volunteers from intake forms to online volunteer scheduling, orientations, volunteer time tracking, and reporting.

Everyday tasks are simplified so you can create volunteer shifts in minutes, schedule your regular regular volunteers in advance, track hours for individual volunteers and groups, and send automated email reminders.

Even better, everything is online - accessible via computer, tablet or mobile phone giving you the flexibility to access and manage volunteer information anytime, from anywhere.

LiveImpact, a specifically designed volunteer management software for nonprofits, is fully integrated with our fundraising, events, email & newsletter, and constituent relationship management database apps so you can access everything on one system, and say goodbye to spreadsheets and data scattered across multiple systems.


LiveImpact makes volunteer scheduling a breeze. Create and manage volunteer assignments with a few clicks.

Schedule volunteers with flexible scheduling options so you can stay organized. Nonprofit admins love LiveImpact’s simple user interface and ease of creating and viewing volunteer assignments.

  • Create volunteer shifts for one-time or ongoing activities
  • Create and manage shifts by hour, day, month, or date range
  • Schedule long-time regular volunteers in advance
  • Easily set up shifts for individual or corporate, family groups
  • Schedule email reminders manually or to be sent by the system automatically


Communicate easily with all your volunteers, keep them engaged and inspired.

Send automated reminders or reach out to volunteers based on assignments, the day of the assignment, or other criteria. Send an email to one volunteer, or send a newsletter to all volunteers. All sent emails are saved under the email log for future reference.

Emails can be sent to
  • All volunteers to share the latest news and information
  • Volunteers in a specific assignment
  • Volunteers scheduled on a certain day across multiple assignments
  • Volunteers based on the criteria you select such as tags, volunteer interest, or availability.
  • Volunteers that have upcoming birthdays to wish them Happy Birthday!
 Volunteer-Management Volunteer-Portal

Volunteer Portal

One-stop portal to help volunteers be organized and informed.

Volunteers can log-in securely to the portal to see shifts, sign-up for available assignments, post volunteer hours, submit online forms, and read the latest news about the organization. Volunteers can access the portal from their computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

  • Track and submit completed volunteer hours
  • View upcoming schedule
  • Sign-up for available volunteer events
  • Submit online forms
  • View organization news and updates
Online Forms-Volunteer Management

Online Forms

Easily create forms to recruit new volunteers online or to update information for existing volunteers.

Create custom forms to collect information from volunteers. When applicants submit the form, information is automatically updated in the database, a confirmation email is sent to the applicant with all the details, and a notification email is sent to the nonprofit's admin. You can create one or multiple forms to serve different purposes (e.g., to collect new information or to update existing information).

  • Custom online application forms
  • Embeddable forms on the website
  • Liability & waiver forms
  • Form tracking with submission deadlines
  • Enter new volunteers manually
  • Intelligent forms with calculated fields
Reporting-Volunteer Management


Customizable & Easy Summary and Detailed reports

With LiveImpact’s reporting tools you can easily filter and view records by criteria you define. Reports are displayed in a spreadsheet format that can be filtered and grouped – or displayed in a graphical format. Our useful canned reports can be used as-is or modified and saved to create your own.

  • New volunteer report
  • Summary and detailed volunteer time card reports
  • Volunteer hours history report
  • Unique volunteer count report
  • And more…

Volunteer Check-in & Check-Out

Say goodbye to paper check-in sheets. Turn a phone, tablet or computer into a volunteer check-in kiosk

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