Streamline Program Management
from Entry to Outcome

Tools to help you define your Logic Models, outline client success, and analyze the results of your work.

Optimize Collaboration

Our integrated, mobile and online data capturing, communication, and reporting tools will help your clinicians and case managers to become more organized and focussed on the success of your clients.

Predictive Analytics

Our powerful predictive data shows you of the effectiveness of your programs to help you shape your approach.

Simplify Data Capture

LiveImpact helps you track intake, assessments, referrals, progress notes, and the continuum of care for your clients. Nonprofits and government agencies are able to streamline case management, assess outcomes, and demonstrate the efficacy and importance of their programs.

Easily Customize

One size certainly does not fit all. That’s why we give you control to configure forms, workflows, and referrals to meet your agency's unique needs. Our platform is designed to be customizable so that as your programs and services evolve, the plaform can evolve with you.

Showcase Impact

With our proprietary data collection and analysis tools, you can generate robust reports that showcase the results of your services. These reports are simple enough to pull and powerful enough to outline the nuances of your programs and the people you serve.

Mobile Responsive

Our online and mobile case management tools are designed to makes it easier for staff to enter information on the go.

Data At Your Fingertips

Access a client's profile in seconds. You will no longer need to look through files and hand written case notes to see a comprehensive client record.

Lightning Fast

Actions like approving a task, sending referrals, updating a case file, and communicating with your team can now be done in real time.

Case Management

  • Custom Intake Forms
  • Scan and Upload Files
  • Clients Can Submit Documentation
  • Case Manager Dashboards
  • Automated Approvals Process
  • Easy Data Download for Auditing
  • Linked Relationship Management

Data and Reporting

  • Drag & Drop Custom Reports
  • Data Visualization tools
  • Download Graphs for Reporting
  • Data Quality Metrics
  • Track After Care Engagement
  • Historical Changes Tracking
  • Automated Reports Distribution

Modern Design

Your staff and volunteers will enjoy the ease of using our modern, minimalist interface, and intuitive user experience.

Time Tracker

LiveImpact's time card functionality empowers you to track time spent with clients, and capture metrics to gauge effectiveness.

Security & Access

Administrative Safeguards

Dual level authentication, log-in monitoring, and access authorization.

Physical Safeguards

Facility Security Plan, Data Backup, Mirroring, and Storage.

Access Control

Unique user identification, automatic log-off, encryption both while at rest and in transit.


Custom Dashboard

Everyone on your team wants to view data in different ways. We empower you to design your own "data views" so that when you log-in, you see live data that is most meaningful for you.


Your team can utilize our pipeline app to set program measurement objectives that lead to your goal, tie in our tasks app to set subtasks, and document progress using our notebook app.


Our deep connection to the G Suite allows you to use LiveImpact to send emails that sync with gmail. Integrate calendars, reminders, and access google drive in our platform.


Use our ImpactAI app to automate everyday tasks including report generation, calendar reminders, and action triggered notifications.