Strategizing Social Media – Some Tips
                                    for Non-Profits

Strategizing Social Media – Some Tips for Non-Profits

November 3, 2014

Most non-profit communication professionals do not have the time to spend on the various social media channels that need to be engaged today, right now, this very minute! Many don’t even have dedicated Communication staff and instead the Admin person has to also manage social media.

Here are some tips for the novice and the expert alike to make the most of social media:

1. Engaging Content: Do not use social media only  to make organization related announcements. Instead, look at it as a tool to build new support and inspire current supporters with information and stories on your cause.

Use engagement tools such as catchy headlines, polls, call for pictures, etc to boost engagement.

2. Continued Engagement: Make sure to keep the conversation going on social media and build a dedicated following. The metrics of most social media tools fare better with regular usage.

Use a scheduling tool to help you post regularly, reach different time zones and minimise total time spent on social media.

3. Use pictures: It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is even more truer on social media. Analytics prove that images have a better engagement rate than wordy posts. Share posts with relevant images

Always caption your photos and provide them a relevant context. When shared, the post should be able to communicate your organization’s message without requiring additional clicks.

4. Share stories: The universal appeal of stories applies to social media as well. Don’t just report statistics and figures but instead, connect with your audience. Appeal to them and urge them to champion your cause.

Share stories and humanize communication.

5. Listen: Use social media as a platform to hear directly from your constituents and supporters. Also, watch how posts fare and which receive more engagement. Use analytical tools to monitor and alter your social media outreach.

Remember that social media is a two-way conversation.

6. Be professional: Your social media pages are a reflection of the organization. Avoid being excessively informal and always ensure your posts are relevant to your cause.

Balance is key here – remember, it is ‘social’ media, so avoid the extremes of being too uppity and too casual.

Have we missed out any? Go ahead and comment below!

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